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My Favorite PC Games


Ylands is an early access survivor sandbox game with multi-player support and an editor. Unlike competing games, Ylands includes ships and ocean play.


Quake II is still my all time favorite FPS. Although I'm not strictly a retro-gamer, I still enjoy this late 90's classic. Q2 still has a large fan base as well as a loyal cult following. Would you like to know more?


Morrowind is my top pick for RPG's but it wasn't easy choosing between it and Fallout New Vegas and depending on mood, I tend to flip-flop between these two titles. But today, it's the Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind.


Asheron's Call is my all time favorite MMORPG. But sadly, the end of AC left me with a sour taste. This is a classic case of loving the product, and learning to disliking the people behind the product.


Minecraft is my favorite sandbox game. This game will tickle your inner engineer. It's like digital legos on crack and if you're unfamiliar with it, you just might be living under a rock.


Rust is one of my all time favorite survival games. As a whole, I love the survival genre and have several on my list but I have a soft spot for Rust. Find out why.

Best Free Browser Based MMORPG's (PBBG's)


Runescape III may have more to offer than you realized. Of course you've heard of it, but do you really know it and did you know it's broken 6 Guinness world records and has more members than World of Warcraft?


Eldevin is a PBBG best enjoyed in the company of others. It's available on many platforms including your favorite web browser and steam. Over the years the population has slipped a bit but it's still one of the better Free PBBG's.


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Looking at screenshots and video of Battlestar Galactica Online (BGO), it's hard to believe that this 3D MMO is played in a web browser as a free PBBG. If you're a fan of MMO's and space games, then check this one out.


Raining Chain is a fun Browser-Based 2D Action PBBG with medieval elements. The 16 bit SNES styled graphics combined with modern MMO features make it a hit for Browser Based MMO fans.


Pardus is at first glance, an unassuming 2D space PBBG. But upon closer examination, this one has a lot more to offer than what seemingly meets the eye. This game had me hooked for a couple of years. Find out why.