Eve Online

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Updated: 14 Jun 2018 20:32

Eve Online: The original Sandbox MMO

Eve Online is one of my all time favorite MMO's and I've been playing it off and on for a couple of years now. Set in space, Eve has a rich player-driven economy and marketplace, aside from a few tutorial ships you get early on, every ship in Eve was manufactured by a player, as were most of the ship modules. Eve online has been around for 15+ years now and is continuously updated with new content. Here are a few of the features of Eve:

  • Free to play as an Alpha player with an optional Omega subscription for access to more game features.
  • A HUGE world with over 5000 solar systems. No other MMO comes close to the size of Eve.
  • An active community with between 20,000 - 30,000 logged in users (not bad for a game that is 15 years old).
  • Offline and online skill training. Choose the skills you want to train and then play the game, there is no skill or XP grinding.
  • No skill tree restrictions, be anything you want, train any skills you want.
  • No travel restrictions, go anywhere you want without level blocks. (Eve does not have character "levels".
  • Over 250 ships to fly… and to master.
  • Deep PvP mechanics.
  • Lots of career paths to consider whether you want to focus on combat, PvE, PvP, industry, or exploration. There are no hard-coded paths, you define your own.
  • Eve has excellent social constructs with fleets, corporations, and alliances as well as standings with NPC organizations. If you're a group player, you will love Eve, but you can also solo if you wish.
  • You can earn enough money within Eve to pay for a premium account, just by playing the game.

Eve Online is not a reflex game, it's more like a complex game of space chess, it is a 3rd person view MMO. Here is one of the latest trailers for Eve:

Offer for new players

Give Eve a try and play for free for as long as you like. For using my buddy link when you sign up you will receive 250,000 skill points to use towards any skill you want, this saves you about 5 days worth of automated training. I'll also send you a few million starter ISK (in-game money) to help you along. This won't make you rich, but it sure beats the few thousand ISK you get when you first start out.

If you decide to subscribe to Eve to unlock all of the features, then I'll send you a kick back of 50% of the reward I earn which is 250 PLEX (premium in-game currency) or the value of 250 PLEX which is currently worth about 730 million ISK, this is a lot for new player. If you choose ISK then I can send it to you via in-game transfer. If you choose PLEX then I will drop it off at any major trade hub for you to pick up.

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