MMO: Chronicles Of Elyria

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Updated: 21 Nov 2017 03:57

Chronicles of Elyria

Site: Chronicles Of Elyria [The illumiblocki CoE Guide]
Genre: Medieval Fantasy MMORPG PvP, KvK, FvF
3D Game: Yes (Unreal 4)
Free To Play: Unknown (pre-alpha)
Premium Pay Option: Yes

This is not a review

At the time of this writing, CoE is in pre-alpha. Like all MMO's it takes years to develop. The reason I have this game listed as an all time favorite PC Game, is to promote it to a broader audience and bring more awareness to MMO fans that might have otherwise missed it. This is the game I'm waiting for. So I can't honestly say "yes, this is one of the best", but I can say that it is positioned to be one of the best, and you should add this game to your watch list.


I've been quietly following the progress of Chronicles of Elyria since 2015 and only recently became a backer. CoE is currently in pre-alpha but things are ramping up well and Alpha 1 is expected soon(ish). My interest in this game was originally driven by the extremely ambitious features it includes as an application based MMORPG using the Unreal Engine 4 as an output. However, there are so many features to CoE and the learning curve is quite high with a lot of information to digest.

CoE has been uniquely designed to use any client side medium, simultaneously. This means that while one player could be using the main client (Unreal Engine 4) that another player could be using a Voxel based client, or any client that Soulbound Studios (SBS) decides to add. As it stands now, CoE does in fact include a Voxel client known as VoxElyria that will persist up until launch, but there does not appear to be a focus on a PBBG companion post launch so sadly, this game will probably never be PBBG top ranked. There is however a planned mobile companion and none of this should distract you from the looming presence of Chronicles of Elyria.

Regardless of what client a user chooses, all players are still seen in all clients meaning that VoxElyria isn't necessarily a different version of the game, it is just a different way of viewing the game when played. The screenshot below released by SBS illustrates how the 3D world looks with the Unreal Engine 4 compared to the VoxElyria web based client:


To clarify, during development, CoE will be played primarily using the Unreal 4 Engine and during some phases it will also be available through a Voxel based WebGL version but after launch it will remain as an application based MMO. The animated gif below shows an example of how the game can be played using two different clients at the same by two different users:

CoE seen with Unreal Engine Voxel CoE played as a PBBG
Is it free?

While there has been some discussion regarding whether or not to include a free version of CoE, there is no official word yet on the topic. That being said, the premium version is quite inexpensive. The game along with one year of playtime is only $45. After that, another year will cost you $26 but there is a chance that you may have to pay more because CoE includes perma-death. But don't cast judgement on that system until you've read the details of the Elyrian "soul" system because even though you may lose your character, your soul lives on forever. You would have to put in some effort or otherwise take big risks to lose your character prematurely or before it dies of old age.

About the game

When I first read about COE I thought it was a cash grab. Years later, I decided to have another look and after having just barely grasping the basics of the MMO, I've come to realize my mistake. I'm really glad that I decided to take a second look at what is probably going to be the best MMO I've ever played, and Alpha is creeping up soon.

Understand that I rarely change my mind about a game and when I do, I often go from "meh, no thanks" to "okay it's not that bad after all". But in this case I've gone from "meh, no thanks" to "holy shit this is the MMO of my dreams". This amazing development company has single-handedly given me hope of a revival of the MMORPG genre.

To understand COE takes time because there is a lot to learn. But this is the best time to learn it as much as you can, prior to launch. This isn't an MMO that you can just read a quick summary about to understand, to fully appreciate the attention to detail it's been awarded, you must study it. I know this is going to be a turn off for some gamers, but if you are are like me and the rest of the COE community, then you appreciate rich content with lots of freedom to do as you wish.

It's more like a World Simulator than an MMORPG

I can barely scratch the surface in this intro to the MMO, suffice it to say that it's different. In fact I'm working on an Guide to Elyria to help consolidate many of the features of CoE to make it easier to understand.