Age of Empires

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Updated: 18 Apr 2018 06:55

Age of Empires

This article is a work in progress.

In terms of real time strategy games (RTS's) the Age of Empire franchise is my all time favorite. The first, second, and third release all had me hooked for more hours than I can remember. Though not a sandbox game, part of what kept my attention for so long was the building aspect of the game and I enjoyed laying out a good blueprint for my city so that I could keep my buildings well defended from invaders. I later learned that my style of play was considered "turtling" and for the most part, that is my approach towards most games; I'm not in a hurry to complete them and taking my time allows me more time to enjoy it.

Looking back now, I see within AOE, aspects of game play that would lend to my modern day appeal of sandbox games with both survival and base building qualities. In fact, AOE even came with an editor that allowed users to create their own maps and this was probably the first time I experienced modding.

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