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How it Works

Each month we'll send out a newsletter on or around the 1st. Everyone that opens the email is automatically entered to win a game key. Most of the keys are for Steam so you will need a free Steam account. At some point during the month we will add your Gamer Name to a list of possible winners and select a winner using this site. The winner will be sent a free game key and announced in the next Newsletter. To be eligible you must 1) be subscribed to the newsletter at the time of the drawing using the form above and 2) open the newsletter each month that you wish to be entered into the drawing.

We reserve the right to pick a winner at anytime during the month so it is in your best interest to open the newsletter as soon as possible because if your name is selected, and you have not yet opened the email, we'll draw again to select a new winner. Opening the email multiple times will not increase your chances of winning and using multiple subscriber accounts to cheat will result in disqualification and you will be unsubscribed from the newsletters. After we notify you via email that you have won, you get 2 weeks to reply with the game of your choice. If you fail to notify us of your choice, then we will pick 3 random subscribers and email all 3, the first that replies with a valid game choice wins. We reserve the right to pick multiple winners during any given month, but we will always pick at least 1 winner, provided we have keys to give away.

Games List

Here is a list of games that we currently have to give away. If you win, then you get to select the game that you want. This list can get updated at any time.

29 Game Keys Left to Give Away
Game prices shown to demonstrate value

[Number of Keys Remaining]TitleRetail Value

  • [4] The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut: $44.99
  • [2] Borderlands Game of the Year Edition: $34.99
  • [1] Train Simulator 2017 + packs: $37.21 (includes Town Scenery & Platform Clutter Packs)
  • [2] Wurm Unlimited: $29.99
  • [1] Grey Goo Definitive Edition: $29.99
  • [1] Minecraft Story Mode, episode 4: $24.99
  • [1] Company of Heroes 2: $19.99
  • [1] Out of the Park Baseball 18: $19.99
  • [1] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty: $19.99
  • [1] Kholat: $19.99
  • [1] Stardew Valley: $14.99
  • [1] Rebuild 3 Gangs of Deadsville: $14.99
  • [1] Machinarium Collector's Edition: $14.99
  • [1] No Time To Explain Remastered: $14.99
  • [1] F1 2011: $14.99
  • [1] F1 2012: $14.99
  • [1] Plague Inc Evolved: $14.99
  • [1] Stronghold Legends: $14.99
  • [1] Mad Games Tycoon: $14.99
  • [1] Pathfinder Online MMORPG (30-day sub key): $14.99
  • [1] SimplePlanes: $12.99
  • [1] Pac-Man™ Championship Edition 2: $12.99
  • [1] Majesty Gold HD (Retro): $9.99
  • [1] Majesty 2: $9.99

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