Skalitz Reprieve
Skalitz Reprieve

Skalitz is a large town with dwellings inside as well as outside of her walls. Many of the dwellings that extend beyond her walls have the potential to be habitable but sadly, none were. However, there is one house that was far enough away to avoid ruin by the Cumens, yet still near enough to be considered part of Skalitz. It's a humble house with some farm land and other buildings but the lack of animals, water, and isolation makes it feel very abandoned. But if you want a place at Skalitz, then this is your only choice.

Note that the NPC's at this location are part of a significant side quest called A Man of the Cloth, which is itself a subquest to a notable side quest called In God's Hands that starts in Sasau. You may want to visit the sick and injured in Sasau before killing off these NPC's to take their house.


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