My in-game name is __ and I'm the only person involved with holding this event. If you have questions, concerns, see mistakes found in the brackets, or don't see your winning payment, then I'm the one and only person to contact regarding it.

The Rookie 100 is a PvP event for Eve characters that are under 30 days old flying Corvettes (Rookie ships) only. There is no fee to enter and the winner will be awarded 100 million ISK. PvP is restricted to Corvettes only, this is the free starter ship that you can get by docking at any station while in your pod, assuming that you don't already have a ship at the same station.

You may use any of these Rookie ships for this contest. You do not have to use your default faction rookie ship, you can use any one that you wish.

  • Impairor (Amarr)
  • Ibis (Caldari)
  • Velator (Gallente)
  • Reaper (Minmatar)

Participation is easy, simply submit your Eve name [using this form] then check back here to see who you've been matched up with. Next, contact your opponent in game and agree on a time and place to fight. Both contestants are asked to send in the winners name. If there is a disagreement over who won, then video proof will be required, so it's a good idea for both contestants to record the fight, just in case someone tries to cheat. Don't send a video link unless requested.

1. You must PvP using any of the 4 faction corvettes (freebie/newbie ships).
2. You may fit any modules to the ship, assuming you have the skills to use them.
3. If your ship has a drone bay, then you may use drones.
4. You must fight until one ship blows up, the winner is the one that did not blow up.
5. There must be no outside assistance from other players.
5. There is no need to destroy the other players pod, but this isn't against the rules, it's just the polite thing to do.
6. The winner will progress to the next bracket until there is just one winner left, s/he will be awarded 100 million ISK.


1. I tried to contact my opponent but he never replied and I was never able to get the fight in before the due date.
Then you win by default. Just contact me and let me know and I will advance you to the next bracket. I might ask you for proof of your attempt to contact your opponent, such as a screenshot of an evemail.

2. My opponent and I agreed on a place and time but he never showed up.
Then you win by default. Just contact me and let me know of the no-show and I will advance you to the next bracket.

3. What if a 3rd party intervenes or tries to help me or my opponent.
Then that fight does not count. It's best to find a spot where others will not interfere. Meet there then send the duel request. Certainly don't duel outside of a popular trade hub. If you have friends that want to watch, that's fine, just make sure that they understand not to intervene in anyway, including bumping.

4. When I entered the contest my account was under 30 days old but now I'm over 30 days and still in the contest. Am I disqualified?
No, as long as you were entered into the first bracket before your first 30 days then you can continue throughout all of the brackets until you lose, or win the final. However, if you wait to enter on day 30 and I don't get to you until the next day to place you in the first bracket, then at that point you would no longer qualify. So if you intend to participate, don't wait until the last day of the deadline to enter if that last day coincides with your 30 day anniversary in Eve.

5. My character is still under 30 days old and there is a new Rookie 100 event, can I enter again?

6. Do you have a similar event for characters older than 30 days?
Once I hammer out any issues that might come up with the Rookie 100, then I plan to offer an alternative version of the Rookie 100 for older characters, but still using only Corvettes. There will be a small fee and a larger payout.

7. Who pays the winner?
I do, personally, out of pocket. Or potentially, sponsor(s) that wish to advertise their Corp. This is intended to be more of a social event than an ISK event.

8. How far do you plan to take this?
Quite far. But I'm encouraged to keep those details private until I'm convinced of the potential this has.

9. Is this a scam?
No. You can grab a free Rookie ship complete with a civilian weapon and enter the contest with no fee. Your only risk is with the ISK you spend on modules for your ship, should you lose. The Rookie 100 has no entry fees for Rookies so I'm not getting anything from you. If anyone else is advertising the Rookie 100 to you for a fee, then they are scamming you.

10. What if someone buys a bunch of skill injectors for a better chance at winning?
Then they have spent Billions in ISK to win 100 million ISK and have made a gross financial error, but they will still be regarded as the winner, assuming of course they win.

My in-game name is __ and I'm the only person involved with holding this event, you can evemail me in-game to ask any questions.

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