1. Do you have a complete list of all PBBG's?

Yes, I keep a Mammoth PBBG List that I use to keep track of which games have been submitted and considering for my list of best PBBG’s.

2. Some of the games you list have bad graphics.

The visual appearance of a game represents only one aspect of a game. I like nice graphics too, but I consider depth of game play an ever greater factor. Deep games retain attention much longer than shallow games with great art. Great graphics are good too, as long as it's married to good content.

3. How can I post a game to your site?

I'm not looking for suggestions for PC Games, but you are welcome to suggest a PBBG because they can be harder to find.

4. What happened to the Crane & Dragon PBBG site?

It's still there. But most of the pages will be redirecting to this domain. This is a work in progress and it will be a bit annoying for site visitors until I have all pages redirecting. This new site is replacing the former Crane & Dragon site, and will also include my favorite PC games. All content that was posted at the Crane & Dragon PBBG List will eventually be ported over to this site. This isn't a change in ownership, this is just an improvement to the site, and it happens to include a Domain.

5. Did you play every PBBG on your Mammoth list?

No. Some games resulted in a 404 error, some games have been discontinued, and some games have been abandoned. When arriving at a PBBG site for the first time. I look for clues that might indicate that the game is not worth further consideration. For example, some games were started but never finished, there might be a copyright notice from 1999 and the last news entry from 2000. When there are forums I check them for activity, a 4 year old game with 46 posts will not generally get further attention from us unless it appears that it simply has not been promoted well. Some games are hosted poorly, have annoying pop-ups, or both. Some games contain no information, having only a sign-up form and nothing else. I consider those games unplayable.

6. Is it possible that you may have misjudged a game?

Of course! If you think I have misjudged a game, then prompt me to give it a second look.

7. Can I be a staff member?

It's possible. I have had staff in the past but none of them had the time to stick around. If you are interested in helping to staff the site then contact me and we can discuss it.

8. My game is on your Mammoth list but not on your ranked lists. Does this mean my game is bad?

No. The Mammoth list includes all known PBBG's, it is a list of the good and the bad. The ranked lists contains only the best. There are literally hundreds of PBBG's out there that are good games, but just didn't qualify for what I consider to be the cream of the crop.

9. What standards do you use to determine whether or not to list a PBBG?

A summary of our listing standards can be found here. A more detailed explanation will be posted soon.

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