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Updated: 16 Nov 2017 21:31


OPC stands for Offline Player Character. In past MMO's, the world was persistent, but your character was only persistent as long as you remained logged in to the game. For this reason, many players used botting to cheat the system to keep their players online while they were away from the keyboard and then use macro's to have their character perform mundane tasks in order to increase their skill levels. This practice is seen as illicit by most and many gamers will go out of their way to kill or otherwise ruin the efforts of bots they encounter. OPC offers 3 solutions for Chronicles of Elyria.

1. It ensures that your character continues to age, even when you are offline.
2. Since every character has a life span, it ensures that you get the most out of it.
3. It mitigates the cheating aspect of botting. If everyone can have active characters 24/7 then no single person will have an unfair advantage.

OPC's are programmable through scripting. This means that you can set your character to task while you are offline, this also means that you can die, so you should carefully consider where you are located prior to logging out. Skill advancement will be disabled while offline but you will be able to code your OPC to do anything you have already mastered. As an example, you can set your OPC to run your shop or make basic items depending on your skills.

SBS will provide some basic OPC scripts but you can also create your own. SBS has already announced that they will be on the lookout for exceptional scripts and may even add your script to the community pool.

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