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Updated: 18 Nov 2017 02:42

Free Steam Games

Anyone that creates a Chronicles of Elyria account, uses my friend code, and then backs the game will receive a free Steam code from me. It doesn't matter what level you back, it could be the least expensive pack. Pick any game from the list below. Note that the price shown is the cost of the game through steam but you still get the game for free, I'm showing the price so that you can see the value of my offer.

25 Game Keys Left to Give Away
Game prices shown to demonstrate value

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut: $44.99 (4 keys left)
  • Borderlands Game of the Year Edition: $39.99 (1 key left)
  • Train Simulator 2017 + packs: $37.21 (1 key left) (includes Town Scenery & Platform Clutter Packs)
  • Wurm Unlimited: $29.99 (2 keys left)
  • Grey Goo Definitive Edition: $29.99 (1 key left)
  • Minecraft Story Mode, episode 4: $24.99 (1 key left)
  • Out of the Park Baseball 18: $19.99 (1 key left)
  • Oddworld New 'n' Tasty: $19.99 (1 key left)
  • Kholat: $19.99 (1 key left)
  • Stardew Valley: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Rebuild 3 Gangs of Deadsville: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Machinarium Collector's Edition: $14.98 (1 key left)
  • No Time To Explain Remastered: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Plague Inc Evolved: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Stronghold Legends: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Mad Games Tycoon: $14.99 (1 key left)
  • Pathfinder Online MMORPG (30-day sub key): $14.99 (1 non-steam key left)
  • SimplePlanes: $12.99 (1 left)
  • Pac-Man™ Championship Edition 2: $12.99 (1 key left)
  • Majesty Gold HD (Retro): $9.99 (1 key left)
  • Majesty 2: $9.99 (1 key left)
Even More Free Games

In addition to the games listed above, you will be entered to win any of the games below (your choice, if you win). This will be achieved through a 3rd party website that randomly picks a name from a list of participants and I will use screen capture software to record a video of the event to prove fairness. Anyone that signs up using my friend code is eligible to win a game below, but you must back the game with a pledge pack. I reserve the right to delay the drawing until I have at least 10 referrals, but I may draw earlier if I choose. As long as you pledge any pack while using my friend code, you will get a free game from the list above, but this is a chance to get a 2nd game from the list of games below.

Watch Dogs 2: $59.99
This is a North American Key meaning that it must be activated from North America using a North American IP. This is not a steam key, this is an Ubisoft Key.

Albion Online Prelaunch Epic Key: $50.00
This is a truly unique offer. This is a pre-launch epic key, they cannot be obtained any more because the game has launched. It comes with a lot of unique founders items that are no longer available with the current $50 pack. Albion online is an MMORPG. This is not a Steam key.

Free in-game Perks: No Pledge Required

For those that use my friend key, I'm also offering free in-game perks for anyone that will be playing on my server (Angelica). This could range from currency, to free land depending on your activity level and in-game proximity. You do not have to back the game to receive this reward, you simply need to use my key and be on the same server once the game launches.

How to claim your free games and perks

Go to the Chronicles of Elyria website and register for a free account. When you register, be sure to include my friend code: EF51DB. Then contact me and provide me with your forum name and email address. I will stay in touch and then reward you in-game. If you back the game, then let me know which free game you want in section 1 above, I will email you your Steam key and your name will also be added to the list of participants for a chance to win a 2nd game as described above. You do not have to back the game at the same time that you register but if and when you do back the game, contact me.

Join The Chronicles of Elyria

I'm offering free Steam keys and free in-game perks for anyone that uses my friend code when they sign up and back Chronicles of Elyria. Register now and use my friend code EF51DB and then contact me to let me know. Perks could be anything from a bit of money to free land depending on how active you are. For more details including a list of free games to choose from, view my offer page.