The Crow's Nest

NOTE I'm aware of the connection issues and being stuck at 100% when trying to login to the server. This is not a server specific issue but a Ylands known issue. Sometimes I can't even login to my own server.

Ylands Server Details For The Crow's Nest

This is a North American West Coast server located in Los Angeles. If you have any issues you can email me here for now. Once the server has ran for a while and I know that it is working as expected, then I will put up a public server thread for it on the Ylands forums for public feedback.

  • No item drop upon death (choose Respawn after death)
  • No item drop with PvP. Others can't farm you for your inventory.
  • Starting items in your character inventory including clay, iron ore, and a seedbox full of every variety means you get a fair start, just like everyone else without scavenging player graves for cotton and clay.
  • Read the Scarlett Letter in your inventory.
  • Custom generated Ylands: Two large islands next to each other. (I will be adding caves and interesting sites manually)
  • Dedicated server with daily resets to help keep the lag away.
  • I will be adding a cooperative sea port for anyone that wants to contribute to a public project.
  • If and when there is a world wipe, the old game save will be made public so that you can keep whatever you built, copy it as a composition, share it, or whatever you wish.
  • Automated restarts daily at 2am.

Please note. When you die, if you choose to restart instead of "respawn", you will lose all of your inventory items with no way of getting them back. So if you decide that you want to restart for whatever reason, you should first drop your inventory items at a safe(ish) location so that you can retrieve them with your new character.

Regarding Lag: I will do everything I can to keep the lag beast at bay and I am closely monitoring events to see what contributes to lag. But I think in many cases, a lot of the issues we are dealing with is simply due to the fact that Ylands is early access with a lot of bugs and performance issues. If you want to help, kill any horses you see (I may have missed some) and clean up your mess after mining and chopping down trees; you can always destroy items in your inventory as apposed to leaving them on the ground, especially items like wood chunks, bark, and dirt, which tend to pile up fast. And if there is a dead player at your base, don't try to hide it, leave it out in the open so that I can see it and then I will remove it using the editor (which may or may not work with 0.63 - we shall see).

I didn't want to wipe the server. But the old world was generated with the previous V2 editor and even though the map was compatible with 0.63, I believe it was still causing some issues. This new world is very similar to the previous, but it's a single island instead of the double. No one was building on the 2nd island anyway. This island is still large though and if you run around the edge of the island you will notice a significant difference between this island and a typical island on Explore mode. Some of the changes with the new map include:

1. Spawn improved. It will be easier to repair damage done by griefers.
2. Sisal added to the seed box.
3. New Biome means less snow.
4. There is non-native ore on the island meaning, for example: Sulfur.