Kingdom Come Housing
Kingdom Come Housing

It may be too early for a list of housing opportunities in Kingdom Come Deliverance because apart from the Millers house that you share with Theresa and her Uncle, there does not seem to be any formal way to claim houses [yet]. However, you can always give current tenets the boot and take a house by force, assuming you don't mind the possibility of it ruining a side quest.

As I venture around Bohemia, I'm on the lookout for potential real-estate and the list below showcases what I've found so far. Keep in mind that I'm not listing every possible location, just those that tend to stand apart from the rest for any number of reasons.

All of the locations listed below contain at the very least, an enclosed house with storage, a bed of some type (usually a sleeping mat), a cooking pot, and a wash trough. I have not finished the game yet so it's possible that a house that was available at the time I found it may not be available later. In all cases, you will have to kill the current tenets of the house in order to claim it. Your best bet is to kill them while they sleep so that they don't get the chance to escape and ask for help. Always hide the bodies and then leave for a while to give them time to despawn.

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